What would you like to know?

We are a creative printing and design studio that specialize in creating stunning products such as bespoke printed wallpapers, wallpaper murals, window&wall stickers, perspex pictures, canvas pictures and much more.

We love what we do and we are very good at it...

Here in Flux Creative we believe in quality of our products and work, so you can expect no less than 100% commitment to your project. We have been serving both commercial and residential customers for more than 16 years. Our team at Flux has over 35 years of combined experience in design and print.

Flux Creative is a team of passionate, highly skilled creative & technical masterminds that provide stand-out bespoke art products, design services and solution for all local businesses as well as businesses throughout Europe, Asia, USA and rest of the globe.

We work with clients on a daily or as-need basis and whom enjoy the convenience of high quality production, creative & technical services under one-roof located in beautiful Surrey County near to Woking.

What we ask ourselves?

Q. What makes us successful?
- running our business honestly
- keeping abreast of technology
- perfectionism
- striving for client satisfaction
- loving what we do
- our highly skilled team who we are very fortunate to have
- to be among the best in the industry

Q. What are our plans for the future?
Flux Creative was formed in early 2005 and we have continued to grow each year. We've expanded our team and our services so we can provide everything in-house and we always strive to be up with the latest technology. There's always something new and exciting and we want to be part of it.

Q. What do we like most about our job?
Our clients of course, but no seriously, we do. There's also:
- watching client's sales increase from projects we've been directly involved in
- hearing people say great things about our work

Q. How do we go about working with overseas businesses?
The fact that we create amazing bespoke art for viewers around the world that we've never met before means we have to be exceptional with logistics & communication. We work with some businesses whom we've never met in person, but rather by email, telephone conversation or Skype video and in no way has this compromised a project. We don't make it an issue, so it isn't.

Q. How do we work with multi-department businesses?
We use one of the world’s leading web-based project collaboration tools where you can share files, meet deadlines / milestones, assign tasks / to-do’s and centralise feedback. We use the same system as Adidas, Ogilvy, Warner Brothers & National Geographic to name a few. If there are several people or parties involved in a project then we use an online project management system. It centralises communication, makes everyone’s life a lot easier and projects get done!

Q. Why are we a smart choice?
We have a moral obligation to make sure you are looked after and you will be pleased with the outcome of your project. We are not just a business where doors open at 9am and shut at 5:30pm. If duty calls, we will save the day. If there's something else you'd like to know about us, just call and say hello.

Current Customers

Here's a short list of some of the prestigious customers we have had pleasure to work with so far.

What's New

- WE PAY YOUR VAT ! To give you that little extra, as promised last year. We will pay your vat on all our products and services. Hurry this is limited offer.

- More news coming soon....

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