Design Service

Our in-house graphic design studio and print services offer a solutions for all your requirements from simple poster design up to bespoke wallppaer graphics.
Simply supply our graphic design department with a brief and product concept, and we can provide a solution to any graphic needs.

Contact our design department at to discuss more details. Please send us as much information as you can about your design and include all logos, images and text you would like to use.

We have a range of services which can help you to create eye-catching, high quality designs and displays. From simple design, concept, photography to final designs ready for production. Put your best foot forward with Flux Creative's graphic design team!.

Design Service Specs:

• Graphic Design
• Product Photography
• Retouching
• Logo Re-drawing
If you have your image ready, just click orange button below to upload it to our server. Please be patient as this might take some time due to large file sizes.


Design Service Examples: